List of Projects for 2019 to 2020 Dublin 4-H Year

  • Advanced Baking and Bread Making - Attendees will learn how to make bread and other baked goods from scratch
  • Crafts - Kristen Clay - Attendees will be making different kinds of art and crafts each meeting
  • Introduction to Web Development -Attendees will learn about HTML and CSS while on their way to making their very own website
  • Money Talks - Attendees will learn about how to save, and smartly use money in different categories ranging from food and necessities all the way to houses and living space
  • Primary Project - As a project for only primaries (8 and under). They will be doing a variety of different things such as baking, and art as it would appeal to their age
  • Public Speaking - Attendees will be taught how to do public speaking well and will have the opportunity to present their skills at public speaking competitions ranging from County to State
  • Puppetry - Attendees will learn about puppetry and will perform puppet shows across various events as part of their project
  • Stuffed Animals - Attendees will learn how to make stuffed animals from scratch and will be making their own stuffed animals
  • What's Inside a Computer? - Attendees will take apart a computer, learn about all of its parts and build a computer from scratch

Other Projects

  • Digital Photography
  • Cross Stitching
  • Kitchen Chemistry
  • Coffee Painting