4-H mark

"I like 4-H because it helps people come out of their shell."

"When I was younger, I was mortified of putting myself out there and meeting new people, I could not talk in front of my class without breaking down in tears, and I was always afraid to voice what I thought was right.

From the very first year I joined, I made a dramatic improvement in public speaking and just being confident with myself. No one focuses on what you are doing wrong, the focus is on what you can improve.

4-H is all about a positive guidance and I feel that without 4-H, I would never be the person I am today."

Summer - 10yrs in 4H

Over 50 years in Dublin!

Celebrating over 50 years of community service and youth leadership in Dublin, the Dublin 4-H club provides an environment for young people from age 7 to 19 years old to have fun and build self-esteem while participating in learning activities that stress Citizenship, Leadership, and Life Skills.

Positive Guidance!

Dublin 4H is an organization where young people can develop confidence and poise in front of groups, learn leadership skills and abilities, understand citizenship, and increase life skills through learning activities and group interaction, all while having fun and making new friends.

Life Preparation

Participating in 4-H is superior preparation for higher education, business, government, and other careers. It provides the opportunity to experience running meetings properly, keeping records, handling money, conducting yourself in a job interview, and presenting concepts and ideas. All of this is available in a fun, non-threatening environment with others who quickly become friends, while experiencing projects of your choice according to your interests.